Cost Benefit & Value Adds

Innovation5g Vs Manual
Estimated figures for an organization of 1000 employees for a duration of one month

Cost Benefits Manual Innnovation5g
Collection of Ideas 30 Hours 0 Hours
Evalutation & Filtering 200 Hours 25 Hours
Collaboration effort 100 Hours 0 Hours
Individual contibutors effort 3000 Hours 200 Hours
Value Adds Manual Innnovation5g
To make ideas Precise, to the context and aligned/applicable to the business Lots of communcation and training required Very minimal training required
Problem / Solution Decoupled Very difficult, Lot of collaboration effort requiredVery easily achieveable with almost zero effort
Track Idea Very difficultCan be tracked very easily with a single click
Brain storming across multiple geographic locations Very difficult, Practically not possible Very easily achievable, with almost zero effort.
Automatic Email updates grouped by selected Projects No Yes.

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