An Idea Management tool, helps to create a culture of innovation and helps business thrive.

What is Business Innovation ?

It's nothing but any idea to improve the business. It could be
> an idea to improve the sales plan
> an idea to improve marketing strategies
> an idea to resolve some burning issue
> an idea from support team to better engage with the customers
> an idea from the product team to enhance some features
> an idea to improve any and every part of the business.

Why Idea Management ?

Without a proper Idea management system
> You might get ideas which are irrelevant, not applicable, hence useless.
> Ideas get stuck in the e-mail boxes of co-coordinators, won't really reach out to leadership
> No tracking. Most of the times the idea journey is limited to spread sheet to mail box to trash
> Idea evaluation & filtering is very cumbersome, can't be performed effectively.

Innovation5g provides an effective and robust Idea management system, with key features as below.

Project Centric

Every Idea is tagged to a Project. This helps in maintaining the ideas within the scope and to-the-context.

Campaign Management

Tool facilitates campaign drive, helps leadership to get inputs from users on a given topic which could be a business opportunity, burning issue or any other topic.

Problem / Solution Decoupled

Problem and Solution is decoupled. i.e Problem and solutions can be provided by different people.

Idea Evaluation & Filtering

Idea evaluation and filtering is made very easy, all it takes is few clicks.

Email Updates

Get e-mail updates for every idea generated and for every comment updated to the subscribed users. This will help in keeping the audience engaged.


All the Ideas are tracked by User as well as Date & Time . This would safeguard the credibility of the idea owner.

Never miss out a single comment

Apart from main ideas, tool also allows you to pickup any number of comments for evaluation and filtering .

Cloud based SaaS Application

It's a clould based SaaS application, no time required for customer implementation, all it takes is a single page registration.

Time, cost and effort saving

No extra effort required for collection and distribution of ideas.

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